Hottest actors (my version)

Sexy muscular naked man with water drops on stomach There are so many hot actors, so I figured I should make a list. As most bloggers, I absolutely love making lists, especially when it comes to listing hot men! I am not going to just list their names, I will also list movies where they played in case you want to watch them and enjoy 😉

1. Joseph Morgan, my personal favorite (known as Klaus from The Vampire Diaries). He usually plays in “swards and sandals” sort of movies: he was in Alexander, 2004 – Philotas; in Immortals (2011) he played a trader Lysander; in Ben Hur (warning: huge amount of Joseph Morgan) he played Ben Hur. That movie consists of two parts and is about events that took place in biblical times.
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Prepare Your Home for a Bird

Keeping animals at home should be always associated with huge responsibility – since the moment you take them into your life you undertaking a commitment of taking care of them from now on. In some sense, it is even more series than choosing a spouse – because a spouse will not get lost or die if you forget about him or decide that you need another person to make you happy. I based my choice of pet on my personal qualities – I wanted it to be as independent and cheerful as me, so a parrot will fly into my house soon. But, before offering a bird to become your permanent neighbor you should properly organize a place for it.

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Top 10 Meals for White Collars

The working day is only pushing its middle and you still have to do a lot of tasks but your stomach already starts to show the signs of hunger. It is quite a natural thing as even the richest breakfast can’t provide our body enough energy to work during the whole day without having a bite. Some people start consuming crisps, hot dogs, croissants and sugary nut in large amounts to suppress the constant feeling of hunger. It is a mistake as they generally can’t trace the number of servings they have per day.

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Who are better drivers: females or males?

It is widely believed that women are bad drivers. They can’t park, they are inattentive and arrogant drivers, they cause serious problems on the roads. More and more women get driving licenses year by year. According to researches men are more risky than women. At the same time many men can easily get out of a difficult situation. They could react faster than females. That’s the main difference between women and men. The latter could analyze a difficult situation quickly. As for women they need some time to figure out what’s going on.

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Visiting Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is one of the most interesting places of the United states. Washington is home to the Smithsonian museums. No doubts you will enjoy it. There are 19 museums and art galleries of the Smithsonian museums. You will see the most interesting collections of insects, meteorites, spacecrafts, locomotives, and arts. Probably it would be a difficult to visit all of them but definitely there is something exceptionally for you. So there are Smithsonian Institution Building, Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building, Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Freer Gallery and many other interesting museums.

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8 Reasons Why Being Fatty Is Cool

1.You don’t have to worry about each and every piece of food you swallow. Do you know what the best revenge to all those skinny bitches is? Sit in front of them in the restaurant and order a good old stake.

2. Rejoice, fat men and their girlfriends! An average sexual act with big guys lasts 5 minutes longer than one with the bag of bones. That results from higher estrogen level that slows down the ejaculation.

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Invincible Mafia

When we watch “The Godfather” we enjoy cunning characters and twisted plot but find it difficult to accept the fact that such dangerous and romantic phenomenon as mafia really exist in the modern seemingly calm world. However, drug lords and crime bosses are not legends but parts of the modern reality still.

Sicilian mafia is famous all over the world and it is really headed by a godfather. The name of the current one is Matteo Messina Denaro and he is still not arrested. Sicilian Mafia operates billions of dollars and the police still can not capture all the members of this crime system as it is exclusively well developed.

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Herd Instinct – The Power of Collective Mind

Herd instinct is a powerful mechanism which defines the behavior of most of the people. To notice this herd tendency it is enough to just look around you. People start listening to the same kind of music without entering a collusion to shift to other music favorites in the same synchronous manner. Or, have you noticed that when someone of your friends get married it is like the start of epidemic –everyone marry in a row? It looks like a kind of magic though it can be explained more simply from the psychological point of view.

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How Do People Call Body Defects

There is one of the folk references the terms of which are quite familiar to anyone. It reminds a secret language which helps both men and women to speak of their body defects in a funny way or hide their embarrassment behind the ironic attitude. The witty and hilarious expressions may help the people to overcome their shyness and talk about the excessive weight or crooked legs openly without the possibility to insult their interlocutors.

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The Most Dangerous Beaches of the World

Summer is perfect for sunbathing on the beach and swimming in gorgeously cool water, as well as any other season of the year if you like to travel, however. Beaches with their white soft sand seem to be the symbol of serene paradise. However, some of them appear to be not so placid. Sharks, the cases of drowning, strong underwater current and piranhas are waiting for you in some of the most beautiful places in the world, so you will receive your portion of adrenaline rather than of calm relaxation there.

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