Who are better drivers: females or males?

It is widely believed that women are bad drivers. They can’t park, they are inattentive and arrogant drivers, they cause serious problems on the roads. More and more women get driving licenses year by year. According to researches men are more risky than women. At the same time many men can easily get out of a difficult situation. They could react faster than females. That’s the main difference between women and men. The latter could analyze a difficult situation quickly. As for women they need some time to figure out what’s going on.

What about statistics and researches? Well, it is hard to believe but according to the researches done by the Social Issues Resource Center female drivers are better. It is said that “in all studies and analysis, without exception, men have been shown to have a higher rate of crashes than women”. Why so? Well, in fact it is true that men could react faster than women by nature. But in reality men speed and quite often break the laws. While women prefer to follow the rules to avoid problems.

For many men it is not a problem to drive drunk. They are sure that it wouldn’t hurt. As the result they cause crashes more often than women do. Raj Bhat, president of quality Planning (an analytic company) shares his ideas, “… men are more likely to violate laws for speeding, passing and yielding, the resulting accidents caused by men lead to more expensive claims than those caused by women”.

Men like to cut off other drivers. In fact they do like to show off while driving. “I’m the fastest! I’m the best!” they think. Many male drivers can’t stand when other drivers shoot them ahead. For many it is just impossible. Even this fact may cause some problems on the roads.

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One Response to Who are better drivers: females or males?

  1. John Lawyer says:

    I found an interesting article about that topic. Women wins, take a look 🙂 http://855winthecase.com/blog/girl-power-are-women-better-drivers-than-men/

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