Invincible Mafia

When we watch “The Godfather” we enjoy cunning characters and twisted plot but find it difficult to accept the fact that such dangerous and romantic phenomenon as mafia really exist in the modern seemingly calm world. However, drug lords and crime bosses are not legends but parts of the modern reality still.

Sicilian mafia is famous all over the world and it is really headed by a godfather. The name of the current one is Matteo Messina Denaro and he is still not arrested. Sicilian Mafia operates billions of dollars and the police still can not capture all the members of this crime system as it is exclusively well developed.

However, Italy is far from being the only place in the world where mafia activity is observed. Chinese criminal Triads have also caused much trouble to the society. Crime bosses of such organizations are called “Dragonheads” and their personalities remain unknown not only to the society but to the members of a Triad as well. One of the most famous bands of Triads organization is the United Bamboo Gang which is located in Taiwan and is known for its connection in the world of policy.

Japan is a home for another powerful mafia organization, yakuza. It makes money by all possible means, including drug industry, gambling, sex industry and gun trading. The head of the Japanese mafia is Kenichi Shinoda and he is reported not to be arrested yet.

Columbia is notorious for well developed drug trading. Los Rastrojos is the most powerful crime organization of this country and Diego Perez Henao is named to be its leader, and, as it is not difficult to guess, he still remains a fugitive. Los Rastrojos is considered to be the provider of drugs to Europe through Venezuela.

These mafia clans spread all over the world present the shade side of the human society and proves that we still know little about its hidden mechanisms of influence and power.

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