Hottest actors (my version)

Sexy muscular naked man with water drops on stomach There are so many hot actors, so I figured I should make a list. As most bloggers, I absolutely love making lists, especially when it comes to listing hot men! I am not going to just list their names, I will also list movies where they played in case you want to watch them and enjoy 😉

1. Joseph Morgan, my personal favorite (known as Klaus from The Vampire Diaries). He usually plays in “swards and sandals” sort of movies: he was in Alexander, 2004 – Philotas; in Immortals (2011) he played a trader Lysander; in Ben Hur (warning: huge amount of Joseph Morgan) he played Ben Hur. That movie consists of two parts and is about events that took place in biblical times.

Most of you probably saw Henry VIII (this movie also has two parts), where Joseph Morgan played a lover of a queen. Not too long ago he made his own short movie Revelation which was pretty damn good (Joseph Morgan Video )

2. Joe Manganiello (known as Brad from How I Met Your Mother), this is the guy who tried to seduce (and succeeded) 12 women on the jury, also known as the guy Marshall had brunch with. He played Ben Ryan on White Collar (episode “Neighborhood Watch”). Joe also plays a werewolf in True Blood – the guy Sukie Stackhouse eventually chose (nice choice, Sukie). Some of you may not remember that, but Joe Manganiello played Eugene “Flash” Thompson in Spiderman. For those of you who don’t know – this guy won the “Cause you’re hot” award in 2011. Oh yeah, and he played a stripper in Magic Mike 😉

3. Jensen Ackles (also known as Dean from Supernatural), won the Best Male Newcomer Soap Opera Digest award in 1998 (Days of our Lives, Eric Brady), the last award he won was the Favorite Actor TV Guide award in 2011 (Supernatural). Jensen also played Jason Teague in Smallville (main cast), 2004 – 2005. One of the last works is Batman: Under The Red Hood – the voice of Jason Todd / Red Hood. He also was in Ten Inch Hero and My Bloody Valentine.

4. Ian Somerhalder – Damon from The Vampire Diaries and Matt Bomer – Neal from White Collar. I’ve put these two together since they are equally hot and rumor has it: one of them may play Christian on 50 Shades Of Grey (although this information may be outdated). Ian Somerhalder played Boone in Lost, and Marco Polo in Marco Polo; Matt – Ken in Magic Mike (oh yeah), besides, he is the voice of the superman (Superman: Unbound 2013). In 2012 Matt won the Inspiration Award; Ian won Choice Male Hottie (Teen choice award) and the Most Responsible Celebrity International Green Award in 2012.
Feel free to write about your favorite hotties in comments! Maybe you have something to add about the ones that I’ve already listed.

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