Prepare Your Home for a Bird

Keeping animals at home should be always associated with huge responsibility – since the moment you take them into your life you undertaking a commitment of taking care of them from now on. In some sense, it is even more series than choosing a spouse – because a spouse will not get lost or die if you forget about him or decide that you need another person to make you happy. I based my choice of pet on my personal qualities – I wanted it to be as independent and cheerful as me, so a parrot will fly into my house soon. But, before offering a bird to become your permanent neighbor you should properly organize a place for it.

First of all, you should think of a cage. The size of it should answer your bird’s needs and correlate with the size of your pet. It is obvious that if the cage is too small, a bird will not feel at home there. As for the material, the wood is ideal option from the ecological point of view. However, with time it becomes a friendly environment for different microbes and bloodsucking insects. So, you should consider buying a qualitative metal construction combined with plastic.

The shape of the cage is also important. Circular shape may cause the sense of discomfort – it is like wondering in circles and finding no entrance, which is definitely disturbing. Square or rectangular shape is the best option.

The cage should be equipped with several feeder for different sorts of food as well as drinking bowl, bath and perches. The perches should be made of wood and have proper diameter, otherwise a bird may receive callus or hurt its claws.

The cage should in no case placed in the kitchen. Due to the particular structure of their breathing system, the birds may get hurt by different vapors, smells or gas leak which may appear fatal for your pet. Teflon is also improper surface to put the cage on. It emits toxins which can be dangerous for a bird. Drafts and direct sun rays are something you should avoid as well.

If you want to keep a bird you should change some of your habits. It is highly recommended to quite smoking, because even a small amount of smoke will produce negative effect on your fragile pet. Aroma candles, oils and air fresheners should also be avoided.

To protect your pet from receiving injuries you should take away or curtain off all reflecting surfaces, mirrors and glass. Birds always suffer from the lack of space, he mirror a whole new room can be seen. Do not leave the food which is toxic for birds in places, available for them. The list of forbidden products includes coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol and avocado.

Besides, you should remove some of your plants as some of them are poisonous for certain kinds of birds. And, believe me, all these preparations are worth the joy of seeing a happy and cheerful bird in your house.

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