Herd Instinct – The Power of Collective Mind

Herd instinct is a powerful mechanism which defines the behavior of most of the people. To notice this herd tendency it is enough to just look around you. People start listening to the same kind of music without entering a collusion to shift to other music favorites in the same synchronous manner. Or, have you noticed that when someone of your friends get married it is like the start of epidemic –everyone marry in a row? It looks like a kind of magic though it can be explained more simply from the psychological point of view.

Herd instinct is studied by political technologists. They describe this phenomenon as “the effect of the victorious part”. It is a stated fact that the voters often switch their preferences to the winners after the publishing of the results of elections.

The psychologists explain herd instinct by the fact that most people prefer to be not the leaders but the driven ones. It involves less risk taking and you have no need to leave your zone of comfort. Twitter and Facebook are obvious evidence of this fact. It is so convenient – you can sit there and write nothing, but follow some celebrity and join his opinion in this way, or give your like to a popular saying on Facebook.

If you do not want to follow main stream it is viewed as the unwillingness to follow established rules. Kids, who are more vulnerable for psychological influence of the society form social communities more often than the adults who have more strength to move against the current. This emotional instability of young people explains the phenomenon of fans or different sub-cultures which help the teenagers to feel protected. But it is important to choose a proper moment for exposing your unique personality at last in order not to lost in the crowd.

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