How Do People Call Body Defects

There is one of the folk references the terms of which are quite familiar to anyone. It reminds a secret language which helps both men and women to speak of their body defects in a funny way or hide their embarrassment behind the ironic attitude. The witty and hilarious expressions may help the people to overcome their shyness and talk about the excessive weight or crooked legs openly without the possibility to insult their interlocutors.

The following epithets have managed to occupy a steady position in the word stock of the modern citizens. Everyone is acquainted with the funny euphemism for the cellulite legs. The skin with the areas that are uneven due to cellulite is called “orange peel”. And how do people call the small wrinkles around the eyes? Right you are, they are called “crow’s-foots”. The areas or waist fat which comes up when a person tightens his or her belt too tight is called “muffin top”. The line of Y-shaped thongs which can be seen when a girl in the low-waist jeans is sitting is called “whale tail” as it really resembles a triangle shape of the largest fin of a whale. A large amount of collocations are being used to describe the people who suffer from abdominal obesity. They are said to have “muffin top”. Traditionally in urban folklore the prominent belly is considered to be connected with the excessive consumption of beer. To underline that connection people often say that the one with big stomach has “a pot belly”.

When a skinny teenager is wearing tight black pants he is likely to hear the phrase “spider legs” describing his legs shape. This collocation may sound rather offensive though its wit usually causes laughter and understanding.

If a person has “Wings of Cupid” those who are not familiar with the urban language may think that he is too gentle or dreamy one. But the real meaning of this collocation is far more unpoetical. In that way people call the fat which hangs from the back of a person in the area of blade bones. Well, it actually remains the wings of a Thanksgiving turkey.

The untidy messy hairstyle is often referred to as “bed hair” as it looks like its owner has just popped out of her or his bed without bothering to comb it. The area on a human hairy part of the head where the hair lies in an opposite direction is commonly called “cowlick”.

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