The Most Dangerous Beaches of the World

Summer is perfect for sunbathing on the beach and swimming in gorgeously cool water, as well as any other season of the year if you like to travel, however. Beaches with their white soft sand seem to be the symbol of serene paradise. However, some of them appear to be not so placid. Sharks, the cases of drowning, strong underwater current and piranhas are waiting for you in some of the most beautiful places in the world, so you will receive your portion of adrenaline rather than of calm relaxation there.

For instance, New Smyrna beach in the USA threatens you with sharks, accidents, strikes of lightning and is considered to be one of the most unfortunate resorts in the world. 640 crashes of swimming vehicles were registered here in 2010. During the last fifty years 459 were killed on this beach by strikes of lightning. If you survive all these dangers, you always have a chance to be attacked by sharks.

Copacabana beach will impress you not only by its azure water but by one of the highest levels of crime as well. Robbery, prostitution, drug trading, rapes and even kidnapping are common on this resort of Rio de Janeiro. In 2010 eighty people became the victims of different crimes, and thirty of them were killed.

Zipolite beach in Mexico is famous for its strong underwater current which can not be noticed from the shore. From the local dialect the name of this beach is translated as “the beach of dead” which does not invoke much optimism as well. The locals avoid this place especially during the period between April and June when the water is said to “rebel”, but nudist and hippies from all over the world visit Zipolite nevertheless as they like the prices and landscapes of this resort.

On Fish Hoek beach in South Africa you have a good chance of meeting the most dangerous sea beasts – white sharks. Despite special underwater nets the government failed to avoid the attacks of sharks, which kill their victims with awful cruelty. Sometimes torn-apart corpses are collected by pieces.

Sao Paulo in Brazil can provide you with the danger of piranhas. During the month these creatures have attacked 79 people. Though no fatal cases were officially registered, the victims are often reported to have finger amputation. So, if you have some spare fingers or toes at your disposal, welcome to Sao Paulo!

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