Top 10 Meals for White Collars

The working day is only pushing its middle and you still have to do a lot of tasks but your stomach already starts to show the signs of hunger. It is quite a natural thing as even the richest breakfast can’t provide our body enough energy to work during the whole day without having a bite. Some people start consuming crisps, hot dogs, croissants and sugary nut in large amounts to suppress the constant feeling of hunger. It is a mistake as they generally can’t trace the number of servings they have per day.

If one eats crisps or french fries right from the bag he can’t actually see that he has eaten two or three average servings of junk food already. The active lifestyle and intensive working pace dictate their own rules in the most cases. We often lack time to have a bite without mentioning the fact that the food we tend to eat in the office is far from being healthy. If you don’t have enough time to eat a proper meal during the lunch break try to take some food with you or consider making healthy meals right in the office with the help of microwave.

  • Oatmeal or buckwheat porridge. The main advantage of this meal is the simplicity of preparing it. All you need is to add some hot boiled water or milk to the bowl with cereal, cover it with the lid and leave for five or seven minutes.
  • You also may try cereal with cold milk or yoghurt.
  • Cottage cheese on whole grain toast is a good alternative to crisps with greasy sauce. Cottage cheese contains calcium and protein which will charge you with energy and make your bones harder.
  • Boiled eggs are also rich in protein. But they contain vitamin D in addition. Vitamin D helps our body to soak calcium into the tissues. That’s why a boiled egg and a toast with cottage cheese are probably the best combination.
  • Vegetables. Cut some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers or paprika and eat them instead of crisps.
  • Boiled chicken is a good choice for those who keeps fit, as it contains non-saturated fats only.
  • Yoghurt boost up you metabolism and improves the functioning of digesting and blood system.
  • Salmon is rich in phosphor which strengthens our nails and hair and may help to reduce acne.
  • Jacket potato can be cooked in the microwave. But don’t forget to puncture the peel to prevent the sudden outleap.
  • Fresh berries and fruit can substitute the sweets and hard candies.
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