Herd Instinct – The Power of Collective Mind

Herd instinct is a powerful mechanism which defines the behavior of most of the people. To notice this herd tendency it is enough to just look around you. People start listening to the same kind of music without entering a collusion to shift to other music favorites in the same synchronous manner. Or, have you noticed that when someone of your friends get married it is like the start of epidemic –everyone marry in a row? It looks like a kind of magic though it can be explained more simply from the psychological point of view.

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How Do People Call Body Defects

There is one of the folk references the terms of which are quite familiar to anyone. It reminds a secret language which helps both men and women to speak of their body defects in a funny way or hide their embarrassment behind the ironic attitude. The witty and hilarious expressions may help the people to overcome their shyness and talk about the excessive weight or crooked legs openly without the possibility to insult their interlocutors.

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The Most Dangerous Beaches of the World

Summer is perfect for sunbathing on the beach and swimming in gorgeously cool water, as well as any other season of the year if you like to travel, however. Beaches with their white soft sand seem to be the symbol of serene paradise. However, some of them appear to be not so placid. Sharks, the cases of drowning, strong underwater current and piranhas are waiting for you in some of the most beautiful places in the world, so you will receive your portion of adrenaline rather than of calm relaxation there.

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The Most Expensive Guitars In History

Old school guitar lovers and collectors are ready to pay ridiculously high prices to become the owners of some old guitar that has a “soul” and a “story”. The point is the teenagers who used to listen to rock ballades of 90s are now grown-ups and prosperous. Thus, legendary musical instrument that belonged to a rock idol still can cost millions of dollars. Let’s review some examples.

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Studying in Italy as The Most Well Educated Country In The World

Italy is famous for its amazing culture and the level of education and it is no wonder because the first institution in the world was founded exactly in this very country. Thousands of young people are eager now to obtain knowledge and visit lectures of the best professors in Europe. You are probably one of the so it is most likely you will need some directions.

After graduating from high school you will need to choose the university you would like to apply to. Then you will need to find a place where you will be living while you study. If you don’t have any acquaintances in Italy who could provide you with a room then you will have to take lease of an apartment or a room as the lack of invitation or a lease agreement could be a significant reason to decline your student visa.

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Learn How To Be Funny: Tips For Idiots

Sense of humor is probably one of the most wanted qualities for a person. Ask any girl what her perfect model of a man looks like, and the word “funny” will be definitely included in each reply. A person with a good sense of humor is always the most desired guest on any gathering. Girls always hang out with funny guys – they attract them like magnets. But what if you don’t have this gift?

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I have a bicycle and I ride and I ride…

When I was 10, my friends invited me to go for a cycle ride with them. Unfortunately I was ‘bikeless’ that time and felt pretty sad. My parents couldn’t afford a bike, so my friend’s parents took compassion on me and gave me their old iron horse for a while. The bike was beyond my wildest dreams. I start training hard on the sand near the stadium to prevent bruises from falls. Two days later I was pretty ready to go on highway, and that was amazing. I do remember me coming back from that first great trip and telling my parents about that.

Thirty years quickly passed, I became a mother, but I still didn’t get my own bicycle. My kids have their own high-speed bikes. A week ago they lured me for a walk. And just imagine: a new great cycle was waiting for me in our garage. Hooray! My dream finally came true. Awesome! Except one thing: I can’t ride, as my first trip was the last that time.
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