The Most Expensive Guitars In History

Old school guitar lovers and collectors are ready to pay ridiculously high prices to become the owners of some old guitar that has a “soul” and a “story”. The point is the teenagers who used to listen to rock ballades of 90s are now grown-ups and prosperous. Thus, legendary musical instrument that belonged to a rock idol still can cost millions of dollars. Let’s review some examples.

1968 Stratocaster

Owner: Jimi Hendrix

Price: $2, 000 000

Jimi played this guitar on Woodstock festival and became famous overnight. His Stratocaster has turned into an icon in the world of the guitars. It was bought by Paul Allen’s EMP museum at $1, 300 000, but nowadays its cost approaches $2, 000 000.

1959 Les Paul Sunburst

Owner: Keith Richards

Price: $1, 000 000

Today, this guitar is safely stored in a private collection, but back in 60s it was The Rolling Stones’ best friend and traveled across the world. There was a buzz about this guitar’s being stolen from Richards, and this fact has boosted its price enormously.

1965 Fender Stratocaster

Owner: Stevie Ray Vaughan

Price: $623 500

This guitar was a present to Stevie’s 26th birthday made by his wife. This wasn’t actually a perfect model of a quality guitar, but years went by and the instrument was upgraded beyond recognition, and so did its cost. It was sold on auction in 2004.

1958 Gibson Explorer

Owner: Eric Clapton

Price: $500 000

This was one of 19 experimental models of Explorer bought by Clapton from his Texas fan. He played his famous “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” and “Rita” on his legendary show in London in 1983. The guitar was bought by an unknown person at $120 000 in 1999. Nowadays, its price is at least three time higher.

Rosewood Fender Telecaster

Owner: George Harrison

Price: $434 750

Harrison used to play this guitar on his famous performance on Apple Inc’s rooftop in 1967. After that he granted the instrument to his friend Delaney Bramlett who sold it on the auction in 2004.

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