Studying in Italy as The Most Well Educated Country In The World

Italy is famous for its amazing culture and the level of education and it is no wonder because the first institution in the world was founded exactly in this very country. Thousands of young people are eager now to obtain knowledge and visit lectures of the best professors in Europe. You are probably one of the so it is most likely you will need some directions.

After graduating from high school you will need to choose the university you would like to apply to. Then you will need to find a place where you will be living while you study. If you don’t have any acquaintances in Italy who could provide you with a room then you will have to take lease of an apartment or a room as the lack of invitation or a lease agreement could be a significant reason to decline your student visa.

A very important thing is to be fluent in Italian language or otherwise it will be too difficult for you to understand lectures.

All the papers necessary to go to an Italian college are usually handed through the Italian Cultural Institute in order to ease up the whole process. The detailed list of requirements can be found at Speaking briefly these are confirmed and legalized documents, one filled in inquiry and one photo. The application needs to be sent not later than a certain date, it is usually July 15th.

Legalization of documents is quite a long process, first you will have to process apostilization and then you will need to authenticate the documents at a consular agency. This will take about three months and after the apostil is ready you will have to translate all the papers to Italian using the services of consulate interpreters. Then it is necessary to legalize them at the Italian consulate agency and deliver the papers to the Italian Cultural Institute.

Once you arrive to Italy you will have to meet the person who provided you an accommodation. They will have to fill in the blank of Cessione di fabbricato and deliver it to a local police station this way confirming that you are the one who rent it. Then you will need to receive Codice fiscal at Agenzia delle entrate, it is a legal document that is vital for you to pay for studying and getting papers. Then you are required to get medical insurance and a residence permit which must be sent within 8 days.

On the first of September there will be a language test held for all the foreigners and after passing it with at least 18 points and then you are all set to pass the entrance examination.

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