Learn How To Be Funny: Tips For Idiots

Sense of humor is probably one of the most wanted qualities for a person. Ask any girl what her perfect model of a man looks like, and the word “funny” will be definitely included in each reply. A person with a good sense of humor is always the most desired guest on any gathering. Girls always hang out with funny guys – they attract them like magnets. But what if you don’t have this gift?

They say that one can’t learn sense of humor: it is either given to you by nature or not. But how do people manage to learn drawing or singing? You can learn the techniques even if you are by no means a superhot comedian. It is the matter of trainings and mental workouts, and you can learn it using some ninja tricks from the list below.

Learn The Techniques Of Cracking Jokes

Most jokes are based on pun. Learn how to use simple words and turn them into an original combination. You can use a special “workout” to develop the feeling of pun. Choose a letter by a random sample and make a sentence where each and every word (including conjunctions and prepositions) starts with this letter. Practice as much as you can during the day. It may be quite challenging in the very beginning but the more you train your skill the easier it appears to be. This exercise will help you to generate random word combinations and make them sound funny.

Know The List Of Stylistic Devices

When you watch comedy shows you think that the artists generate jokes from the air and do it as naturally as breathing. In fact, they have more tricks in their toolboxes than David Copperfield’s sleeve! The point is there are some certain stylistic devices that underlies almost every joke:


Being ironic is easy and very effective if you want to make people laugh. It is based on the principle of reverse estimate of some situation or event. For example, you can tell a lazy person that he or she is a workaholic and an absolute hero of labor. Try not to use this technique too often though if you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings.


This is another stylistic device that you can use to crack hilarious jokes. Hyperbole is nothing but exaggeration. You can play with it and gradate it depending on the situation: from lighter levels up to absolute absurd.

Double Meaning

This is a way more sophisticated tool. It’s quite difficult to play with the ambiguous words and word combinations, but once you get it you will be a King of any party.


Paradox was Oscar Wilde’s favorite tool. Brilliant dialogues in his books are mostly based on paradoxes, which makes them so witty and funny. Wikipedia defines paradox as a “statement or group of statements that leads to a contradiction or a situation which (if true) defies logic or reason, similar to circular reasoning”. Make a list of possible paradoxes and words with double meaning to play with – this preparation will aid you tremendously next time you want to crack a joke and impress your friends.

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