Fear for flights. Overcome it.

Modern life requires modern ways of transportation, I’m sure. We have quite a great number of options among which we can choose any vehicle that is convenient for our certain needs. Traveling by air is a widely accepted best and fastest way to get where you want. But along with the development of technologies and science we have grown up a great variety of inborn ancient fears. Fear for flights is one of the most spread one nowadays.

What should you do if you really want to travel by plane but you have a severe aerophobia? Of course overcome it! Or at least reduce the level of your fear so as to be able to use planes practically in full convenience.

First of all, you should take some preventative measures before the flight. If you have an opportunity to visit a psychiatrist before you need to fly – do it. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid of telling the doctor of your fears. He is a professional, he knows what to do. Then, in a week before the flight, try to take some natural sedatives. They are accumulating and activating at the moment of stress, so this is quite helpful. Sedatives also can make your sleep better which is good, because fatigue only deepens the level of stress.

Being already on board a plane you can still provide some activities to help you overcome your fear. First of all, if you are in a panic fear for height don’t take a seat near the window. Next, you can talk to the hostess. These girls, who should make your flight comfortable are always taught how to behave with the passengers who can’t overcome their fears.

Try to fall asleep while flying. If you can’t do it and need to take a sedative pill you may take one, but don’t forget to tell the hostess and the co-passengers about it.

One more thing to do – distracting attention. Try to get absorbed into music, reading or watching a movie. This can give you an impression you are not in the air at the current moment and thus calm you down.

You can also make breath exercises every hour, which can help you overcome you heartthrob and emotion.

All in all, instead of depriving yourself of a convenient way of traveling, you can help your nervous system overcome your fears. Actually, it is the best way for everything: don’t give up, don’t be a slave of your fear. Overcome it!

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