The World’s Scariest Places

For many people horrors are the main attributes if Halloween or at least creepy movies. But there are some places on out planet which attract the adrenaline addicts and the ghost stories fans. The average people are terrified by these places and want to escape from them as soon as possible. Some people who love extreme aim to attend the most part of those places. Here is the list of the most frightening ones.

The museum of the medical history in Philadelphia. This building is a part of the Philadelphia Medical College. Here one may see a vast collection of different pathologies and the ancient surgery instruments and the showpieces used during the studies. The most famous exhibition attracting the tourists from all over the world is the collection of human sculls. Also you may find such interesting and frightening items as the corpse of a woman which was subjected to saponification in the soil after the funeral or the intestines only12 and a half centimeters long. Here are stored the skeleton of a double-headed baby and the organs and tissues affected by different diseases. The visiting of this museum is recommended to the medics or the people with strong nervous system.

The witch market Sonora in Mexico. The cabins of witches and fortune-teller form a narrow rows there. The women looking exactly like evil witches from fairy-tales are ready to punish the unfaithful husbands and promise the prosperity of your business only for ten dollars. The interior is decorated by the dried lizards and frogs hanging from the ceiling. The tourists and pilgrims from Mexico are attracted to this place by the opportunity to buy a mascot which is said to bring luck of an amulet to protect its owner from the evil powers. The enthusiastic visitors may find the snake blood or the dried colibri. One shouldn’t accept the witchcraft in Mexico as a joke and tourist attraction. The local National Wisard Association even took part in the election of the President.

Easter Island in Chile is considered to be the most mysterious ones on the planet. Hundreds of colossal statues grown into the ground under their own weigh are situated there. The statues look as they are guilty of some unknown sins and stare in the sky begging for mercy. It is unknown how these giants were made and moved. The distance between the place where they were produced and the place where they were erected was more than 20 kilometers. There is a widespread belief that once there existed an ancient civilization possessing the highly developed technologies and there statues are the reminder of its power. Nowadays the island is particularly deserted. Only the colosses keep instilling the awe into the peoples’ minds. But after getting acquainted with the memoirs and the diaries of Heierdal the people are able to understand how these huge figures were created and dislocated.

The castle of horrors in London has the interior imitating the most wide-known disasters of Britain. One may feel the terror of the Inquisition or experience the horror of the londoner during the Great fire happened in the year 1666 in London.

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