The World’s Most Dangerous Airports

Are you afraid to travel by plane? You haven’t experienced a landing in our airport!

This would be the possible answer of the people who have to appear in the most dangerous airports of the world. The landing in any of them will guarantee you to feel the excessive dose of adrenaline and and provide the unforgettable impressions.

  • The first in our rating list of the most dangerous airports is the Princess Juliana International Airport also known as Saint Maarten International Airport situated on the island of Saint Martin. Don’t be mislead by its serene name. The island could be a real early paradise for the tourists if there wasn’t a small peculiarity making this place an odd one. The air port is too close to the beach. The people come to a narrow line of sand near the ocean, choose a nice place to relax and lay in the sun, when they hear a sudden noise. They look up in the sky and see an enormous fuselage only ten meters above their heads. Don’t worry. The runway ens only a few feets behind the beach. However some people don’t mind a plane flying too close to them and continue enjoying their rest.

  • The Courchevel airport is considered to be the most pompous one. Being situated on one of the most popular ski resorts it has a very dangerous runway. The pilots have to land and take off from the narrow runway under a big angle. It is often compared to a roller-coaster . Of course there is a number of other ways to reach this place but this airport was chosen by James Bond performed by a talented actor Pierce Brosnan in the “Tomorrow Never Dies” movie.
  • The Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is widely known for its runway which is the most short one in the world. Situated on a tiny Saba island it is only nine hundred meters long. That’s why it’s a local place of interest. Only a few types of planes are able to land in this airport.
  • Madeira which is famous for its picturesque landscape can also boast with its unusual airport, that is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. The surprising runway which is “floating” in the air between the sea and the mountains is an unforgettable sight. It rests on the 180 enormous columns. This area was built in 2000 and the pilots had to land their planes on a dangerously short old runway.
  • You may ask what dangerous things can bu there in the heart of America, in the Ronald Raegan airport. The pilot taking off in this airport should be able to fulfill different maneuvers. They are to run their vehicle “upwards and then rapidly turn to the left” to avoid the trespassing of the controlled air area above the CIA headquarter and the Penthagon.

If you’re lucky to attend one of these airports be sure that the landing there is performed by the most experienced pilots. The interesting fact is that there practically no air crashes happened there.

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