Tomorrow’s Exceptional Hero

I have recently come across an interesting piece of poetry entitled “Tomorrow’s Exceptional Hero” and its striking sincerity, straightforwardness of the author and the poignant language really got me thinking. Certainly, using the word “hero” was pure sarcasm, as the main subject of the piece is our modern society, the key idea is trying to paint a portrait of a typical citizen.

So how does “tomorrow’s exceptional hero” really looks like according to the public opinion? An activist? A rebel? Or a plain conformist who simply adjusts to any circumstances and does not even claim to be heard?

In fact, everything is much more complicated. It is a plain conformist who does not realize that and tries to seem a rebel. Just to seem one and never to be. He is certainly not content with anything – the political system, the society, cultural life etc. and is full of outstanding ideas how to make this world better. He never misses a single chance to shout about it loud; the louder, the better, so he takes part in various meetings, criticizes everything and everyone in his dreadful comments on his personal blog, occasionally shares some random ideas that are in fact lame and quite unreasonable and then goes back to his “social” life, greasing the palm of his boss and wasting his monthly salary drinking in a noisy bar with other “activists alike”.

And he seems to be quite content with that… guess what happens in case the desired changes occur? Will such a man be ready for them, will he actually become an equal and respected part of the society once it becomes at all democratic and fair? Are they, themselves, eager to change for the better and will the new system work if people have just the same low moral values (or totally lack them on the whole)?

Another point is that the system works only when people work. People say they want changes, but they don’t actually do anything to make these changes happen. Just sitting in front of the TV screen and showing off your protest to anything they say in the news, you are not getting anywhere far. If you want to change your life, start acting and actually doing something useful.

What useful may a single person do, you may ask? First of all, start with improving his own self. These are people who make up the society, so making the world a better place is possible once the citizens themselves are fair, conscientious and fully responsible for their own future and the future of the next generation. Then, you can introduce some helpful solutions both at home and at work to make your relations with the people around you as well as their relations between each other and the overall atmosphere more friendly and healthy. Want something to be changed? Go ahead and speak of it, just don’t remember to be respectful and polite.

If you aim to contribute to bringing more global changes to our society, you have to be heard by a larger audience. Well, express yourself and your views through any form of an art and get people really thinking over your words, suggest ideas that will really work in the current circumstances and will not be at all impossible to implement. “You crave for a rebel, then get it all planned”. Write some insightful poetry like that poet does, or simply write a meaningful article like I am doing now, post it in your blog and get it promoted. Once you realize it is you who sets the pattern for a tomorrow’s exceptional hero to follow, you will be able to do quite a lot that your offsprings will be proud of!

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